Embracing Change with Feisal Alibhai

The Stages Matrix Roadmap - Almudena Gonzales

February 17, 2023 Qineticare Season 3 Episode 19
Embracing Change with Feisal Alibhai
The Stages Matrix Roadmap - Almudena Gonzales
Show Notes

Almu walks us through a generous introduction to the developmental stages through which our perspectives evolve in a lifetime. Based on research from STAGES International, she shows us how we can access these insights for ourselves, and how to leverage them for greater success and appreciation for life's journey as a whole.

 Almudena Gonzalez is our Wellbeing Head at Qineticare. As a certified STAGES International Coach, Scorer, Debriefer and Coach Supervisor, she works with individuals and groups in any stage of development. 
By identifying the developmental perspectives available to the individual or system, touching the individual’s essence, discovering developmental or existential transitions, guiding the process, clearing the path, Almudena helps facilitate simple and practical insights to normalize the shift.
Her aspiration is that our true Essence is revealed, aligning our ways of seeing, being and relating to self, others and the world.
Almudena has taken part in a broad spectrum of professional activities from science research to landscape architecture, biotech innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as adult development and train the trainers program design and delivery. Almudena is an accredited Professional Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation.

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